Our Services

  • Building Decks
  • Building Patios & Porches
  • Custom Gazebos & Pergulas
  • Custom Fences & Gates
  • Custom Wood Cabins
  • Siding
  • Refinishing
  • Eco Decking Tiles

We offer the following services:

Free Estimate

Upon customer request, our representative meets the customer in the place in which he or she wishes to perform the work. Our representative collects the data and responds within 24 hours with an Estimate.


Some customers are not sure what the solution they need is. Other customers have difficulties figuring out what solution would be optimal for their premises. We can help the customer decide on the best solution given state of the premises.


Many customers have an idea of what they want but not a real design. We provide designing service to fulfill the customer needs. Our representative sits with the customer to get all the requirements, wishes, and guidelines. We produce in a timely manner the design to be reviewed by the customer for approval. The customer is typically involved in the design process as well since the requirements typically lacks the proper details, and we prefer the customer to provide the answers. All our designs are made using 3D software that visualizes the solution we design.


The deck service includes full implementation of the product, from construction building until the finalizing the look.


The Patio service includes implementation of patios, patio covers, patio enclosures, and sunrooms. Various wood types can be used, depending on the customer's preference.

Fence Building

Various wood types can be used, depending on the customer's preference.

Refreshing and renewing

The "Refreshing and renewing" service includes various types of operations to take an existing wooden product and give it a new look. It includes wood filling, staining, and siding.


The company gives a three year warranty for every job performed.


The inspection service includes bringing a construction engineer and an architect to the site in order to verify that the customer request can be implemented according to the municipality.

Construction permit

The "construction permit" service includes working with the municipality till a construction permit is approved.

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